To be as cost-effective as possible, we offer expert finance, HR and IT support through a Shared Services model. Ascend Nonprofit Solutions also serves as the fiscal sponsor for organizations that desire to receive funds for charitable purposes but are not tax-exempt for IRS purposes.

  • Tchernavia Montgomery
    Being here has allowed us to not only broaden and strengthen our ability to serve the community, but with challenges like the recession and most recently COVID-19, it’s allowed us the opportunity to collaborate and partner with other organizations.
    Tchernavia Montgomery
    Executive Director, Care Ring
  • Tara Peele
    Over the course of the pandemic, Housing Collaborative had to quickly expand and accelerate its provision of direct financial assistance capacity to help people impacted by Covid. We would never have been able to distribute over $130M in rent and utility assistance without Ascend’s Finance Team, which provided nimble assistance and careful financial oversight, resulting in many households retaining housing – and clean audits for Housing Collaborative!
    Tara Peele
    President and CEO, Housing Collaborative
  • Josh Jacobson
    Next Stage has enjoyed an essential partnership with CFSC, which has served as our fiscal sponsor for more than four years. Our project was awarded philanthropic support and we needed a trusted organization to provide financial management support. More than "just another vendor," CFSC has been a true partner, lending brand authority and ongoing account management that has made a big difference. The CFSC staff has felt like an extension of our team.
    Josh Jacobson
    CEO, Next Stage
  • Chelsea Gulden
    RAIN has utilized Ascend’s HR department for several years. We are pleased to have such expertise available onsite and knowing we are utilizing best practice is important. The HR department is always quick to respond and helpful with employee relations. RAIN is grateful for the services provided.
    Chelsea Gulden
    President & CEO, RAIN
  • Jake House
    Having centralized IT support has helped our organization greatly. This past year, we were able to expand our partnership and provide IT services to support MECK Pre-K teachers across the county. The continuity for our team was important and a true "win-win" for our organization.
    Jake House
    Former CEO, Smart Start of Mecklenburg County